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Made to the highest standards

Over fifty years ago, in Stanley Common Derbyshire, George Stafford first started developing his black pudding recipe. Ten years later the perfected pudds went on sale, and since then have earned numerous accolades and counted renowned chefs including Rick Stein, Delia Smith and Antony Worrall Thompson as fans.

Continuing a British tradition, the black pudding is a versatile ingredient that can be used in everything from the ultimate cooked breakfast at home, to the centrepiece in a dish prepared in a Michelin star restaurant. The George Stafford black pudding is made to the highest standards and its distinctive flavour is a result of his dedication; painstakingly perfecting his secret recipe over the course of a decade, it has now been produced for more than half a century.

Winner of countless awards, including five gold medals at the world renowned international black pudding championships, or Festival du Boudin, hosted annually in Mortagne-Au-Perche in Normandy France, the George Stafford black pudding has scooped several gongs at home as well as abroad, including honours from one of the oldest agricultural shows in Britain; the Bakewell Show in Derbyshire.

The George Stafford black puddings feature in Henrietta Green’s Food Lovers’ Guide to Britain published in 1993, and the pudds are purchased by a number of celebrity chefs from across the UK. Rick Stein is one of the George Stafford pudds most committed customers, and Delia Smith also joined the long list of well-known and long established black pudding devotees when she sourced the famous pudd to be served at her beloved Norwich football club.
George Stafford black puddings can also be found on the menus of some of the best restaurants in the country, including those owned by celebrity chef Anthony Worrall Thompson; favoured by him for their “excellent” quality and “sublime” flavour.

A Long Tradition of Black Pudding Production

Black pudding is one of the oldest forms of traditional sausage still eaten here in Britain, and in its conventional form was made by combining pigs blood and cereal along with other vegetable products. Records show that black pudding dates back thousands of years; according to the Oxford Food Encyclopaedia, it has been made throughout the centuries and is even mentioned in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, composed in ancient Greece towards the end of the 8th century BC.
To achieve the unmistakable taste of a George Stafford black pudding, we use ingredients that best reflect the original recipe, to recreate the award-winning and distinctive flavour you will only find from our George Stafford pudds.

The History of the Stafford Black Pudding
George Stafford worked tirelessly to refine his recipe throughout the course of the 1960’s, and it was ten years before he was satisfied that he had achieved his ultimate goal; to create the finest black pudding in Britain. According to George’s daughter Janice, in the year 1973 her Father announced that he had perfected his secret recipe; one that would go on to win numerous accolades and international notoriety.

Following George’s death in 1997, Janice took up the production of the George Stafford pudd with the same passion for quality and traditional methods as her Father, and the George Stafford black pudding continued to earn fans and win awards up and down the country. Having maintained the George Stafford black pudding reputation for a number of years, Janice sold the secret recipe to butcher Ray Sheldon in 2003. Ray went on to make the pudding with his family in the same way that George and his daughter Janice had done for decades before; until aged 70, Ray decided that the time had come to search for Britain’s new maker of the multi-award winning Derbyshire black pudding; dubbed “the best in Britain” and famed for it’s superior quality and taste.

Keen for the original George Stafford black pudding to live on, Sheldon sold the secret recipe to the next generation of pudding producers, Norman, Mark and Steven Beckett whose passion for black puddings dates back to the 1980’s. The lads started making prize winning pudds over thirty years ago; collecting a silver medal in 1985 at the Festival du Boudin (where the George Stafford black pudding also triumphed), the Derby Telegraph proudly announcing their victory with the headline: “The Boys With the Black Stuff!”.

The Becketts sold their butchery business in 1990, but having always admired the distinctive texture and flavour of the George Stafford’s black pudding, they couldn’t let the opportunity to own the infamous George Stafford recipe pass them by, and so a deal was struck. The Becketts will be preparing the award winning puddings to the same high standards and with the same care and attention as George did for decades before; using only the finest quality ingredients for the best black puddings in Britain, supplying the pudds through their business SOS wholesale, ensuring that the prize winning pudds stay in Derbyshire and continue to be distributed nationwide.

Roll on 2014 when SOS will take the George Stafford Award winning recipe back to Mortagne-Au-Perche in Normandy France, for the world-renowned international Black pudding championships.

Just lately the black puddings made their debut at the Specialty Food Fair at Olympia attracting favorable comments from Tom Parker Bowles from The Great British Menu.

September 21st 2013 we exhibited at Derbyshire Day, Kedleston Hall. A gorgeous day, 5000 visitors resulted in an embarrassing 90 minute sell out! ….. A culinary savory success though as we gave out hundreds of samples and have now got many new happy customers.